Aluminium CNC Processing

CNC Machines and CNC processing is an indispensable part of the process for those sectors which engage in manufacturing; from automotive, aviation, space technology to defence, from industrial machinery production to energy and medical industrial machinery, these are used in many different industries. At KALKANCI, CNC processing is very important to our production process.

What is CNC?

CNC is short for “Computer Numerical Control”. CNC, an important contribution of tech advances in manufacturing, is the process of dictating the movement of factory tools and machinery by coordinates on the work shaft that manufacture the product. With different cutting and punching tools, the machine processes the block or plates on it with great precision.

CNC machines and technology greatly reduce both production times and wastage during manufacturing.

CNC machinesare integrated with computer technology and programming to make the production process faster, more reliable and more efficient. Due to the fact that it offers the advantage of batch and error-free production in manufacturing, CNC machines are also of great importance to balance supply and demand.

Our CNC services

With our multi-axis CNC devices, we can manufacture products of any shape, size and precision, irrespective of complexity or simplicity. The KALKANCI team can produce aluminium parts requested by our valued customers with precision deploying high capacity CNC machines, competent staff and years of experience.

We offer the following advantages to our valued customers with the CNC Processing in our production line;

  • Both the mechanical and heat resistance of the products produced by CNC processing is quite high.
  • As they are highly responsive, using CNC machines means that even designs that require fine workmanship can be manufactured effectively.
  • Dual purposes such as prototyping and mass production which are at different ends of the scale are also possible.
  • Thanks to the multi-axis of our machines, even complex products can be produced easily.