Aluminium Heat Treatment

Broadly speaking, Heat Treatment is the name given to the process which increases hardness, resistance and similar mechanic properties of metals and to make them more durable. In this process, the microstructures of metals are changed in order to achieve resistance for the properties as temperature, durability, non-corroding, ductility, etc. Actually, Heat Treatment is a process that we are all quite familiar with, and has been applied for a very long time. Even in ancient times, the practice and utility of Heat Treatment was known (even if at only a very simple level) by historic blacksmith masters, in making weapons such as axes, arrowheads, swords. Today, the technique known as Heat Treatment Carbonization, which is a much more advanced technology, is carried out in atmosphere-controlled furnaces with degrees suitable for each metal.

What is Heat Treatment?

Contrary to popular belief, Heat Treatment is not only used to harden metal. Achieving the desired flexibility and softness of a product according to requirements and needs is also a component of the Heat Treatment process. It is for this reason that, although Heat Treatment, seems an easy process, it actually requires a very precise balance and control. For after Heat Treatment, the hardness of the metal increases and becomes more resistant to wearing. But at the same time, after Heat Treatment, the material also becomes more brittle. The process by which materials are subjected to optimal heating and cooling, and whose brittleness has increased by the fact that they have lost their flexibility is a very sensitive one. Consequently, it is very important to know the optimal temperature, atmospheric pressure and exposure time for the metal used.

Though varying according to requirements and the type of metal, Heat Treatment basically consists of four steps.

  • “Heating” up to the specified minimum temperature.
  • “Holding”at this temperature for as long as necessary.
  • “Quenching” according to type of metal and requirements
  • Aging

Aluminium Heat Treatment

The Aluminium Heat Treatment process is completed with the basic 4 steps mentioned above. Throughout this process, KALKANCI has the capacity to apply the following types of Heat Treatment in the Aluminium Heat Treatment process using the equipment we possess (T: means heat treated).

  • T4: stable products whose solution treatment has been completed and left to natural aging
  • T5: products whose heat shaping has been completed, cooled and which are artificial ageing
  • T6: products whose solution treatment has been completed and have been left to artificial aging,
  • T7: products whose solution treatment has been completed and overaging.

As a consequence of the furnace and other Heat Treatment equipment located on our production line, we can offer our valued customers products with a high temperature tolerance, and which have higher consistency and efficiency. We produce maximally durable products through the Heat Treatment process managing to any standard thanks to our expert engineers and technicians.