Aluminium Moulding Room

The basic and most important step for aluminium die casting is the mould. KALKANCI is one of the largest aluminium die casting mould manufacturers in Turkey with its own in-house Moulding Room. One of the most important stages of construction of a mould is to ensure that any and all problems that may be encountered during production are simulated during mould design and necessary measures are taken and the most appropriate design is selected. This mould production stage, which affects all these processes from scrap, recycling and cycle times to timely delivery, is one of the areas in which KALKANCI excels. Thanks to our Moulding Room which is equipped with the latest technology and systems, we are able to meet the many different kinds of needs of our valued customers.

All the fixtures, gauges and other auxiliary materials used in the production and quality processes, particularly in the production of Casting and Trimming moulds, are also manufactured at KALKANCI’s own facilities. Using the advantage this brings to our company, we can offer the highest quality products to our customers at a competitive price.

In addition, the Moulding Room control process can be done in-house at the outset of the process so as to reduce wasted time, thereby also offering the advantages of instant intervention. As a company with its own Moulding Room, we are able to reduce wastage in the production process. Thanks to reducing moulding, labour and finished product costs, we have the privilege of giving our customers a much more cost-effective price.

Mould production and the Moulding Room

Another advantage of having our own Moulding Room is reflected in our product diversity. Thanks to the Moulding Room, which works together with our automated production process, we are able to differentiate from competitors. Of course, we can also reflect this differential by the variety of products and the competitive prices we offer to our customers. At the design phase, we partner up with our customers to achieve mouldability, weight reduction and superior mechanical properties. At the outset of the project and starting with our design team, our Moulding Room team establishes strategic partnerships with our customers, moving beyond being merely a ‘supplier’. Throughout the process, our precise communication with our customers increases our ability to provide direction, and further increases our trust-based interaction with our customers.

KALKANCI’s Moulding Room

At KALKANCI, we not only produce new moulds in-house, but are also able to perform maintenance, repair and the necessary casting optimization. This after sales service allows us to establish a long-term business partnership with our customers and contributes to the development of new products thanks to the valuable statistics we get.

In addition to all these, there is a mould storage area in our company for organizing and storing moulds safely. We know the importance of protecting the value of every product we produce and storing it safely. KALKANCI can offer the following services to our customers;

  • High Pressure Die Casting Moulds
  • Trimming Moulds
  • CNC Processing Fixtures
  • Gauges
  • Test apparatus and all other auxiliary equipment

Aluminium Moulding Room

KALKANCI has one of the most established Moulding Rooms, operating in Turkey since 1981. The raw material that is used as feedstock is steel material which is then transformed into a mould thanks to an ambitious production process using our existing machine inventory, technical knowledge and qualified personnel. We continue our investments in this field in order to provide better quality service to our valued customers and to protect our profile as an industry leading company.