Kalkancı Logo

Our Values

Thanks to the KALKANCI team of employees’ specialised skills in the different sectors which we serve such as automotive, energy, lighting and construction, we are able to adopt an innovative and high-quality service approach in order to add value to all the sectors in which we operate.

By meeting customer expectations at the highest level with our dedication and services, we successfully operate an inclusive service cycle from our customers through to our employees. The KALKANCI team owes its success to the values it holds. The success that we have inherited from the past which we maintain and continue through the preservation of our values;

Our Mission

At KALKANCI, our primary goal is to produce total quality production focusing on our customer-oriented approach through the participation of all employees but without compromising quality, occupational health and safety and environmental standards. At the same time, creating jobs by increasing our production capacity in order to serve our country through our work ethos of receptiveness to new technology and innovation has always been another priority that we will not overlook. It is through the support of our customers, employees and our country that we draw strength, therefore we believe we have a duty to be the best at every point in which we operate and to protect the values we have while achieving our goals.

Our Vision

Our foremost aim has always been to rank as one of the world’s leading global industrial companies by continuously creating value for our employees, our shareholders and all other stakeholders. We at KALKANCI have always been dedicated to continuous development and improvement, ensuring that we improve our knowledge, technical infrastructure, quality management approach and customer-orientation in the most effective way possible. We aim to be a global brand with the principle of working constantly towards this goal, striving to be a venture that adds value to not only our brand and our industry but also to our country, and we endeavour to lead in investments that define market standards to raise our standing within the ranks of our industry.