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aluminium parts manufacturing

Aluminium Parts Manufacturing

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Aluminium is used in a wide variety of industries as it is a light metal and easily absorbs heat.   Due to its intense use in many industries, production of aluminium parts is increasing every day in Turkey and in the world. The industries that use aluminium the most include Electrical industry, Defence Industry, Engine and Automotive Industry. Aluminium which is also used in many other industries of course has to be manufactured using different processes.

Companies that manufacture aluminium parts should work diligently and very carefully in production. The quality of aluminium, production process and treatments and where it will be used is highly important.  Aluminium products which are used in many important industries to achieve important goals provide advantages, convenience and functionality to customers.

In order to be used in the High Pressure Casting Industry, aluminium should have the properties that allow production of smooth and textured metal parts. In addition to that, aluminium is corrosion-resistant, has a high conductivity and has a good strength-weight ratio, all of which bring extra advantages for parts production. Due to its properties, aluminium offers more surface treatment options to manufacturers allowing production of lighter materials. Lighter materials are preferable. In addition to that despite its lightweight, aluminium is a very durable material. Its durability results in much longer economic life for parts made of aluminium. In addition to above properties, aluminium can be recycled up to 95%.  This material which has a wide range of advantages will not let the user down provided that it is processed by professionals using the right methods. Aluminium is more cost-efficient compared to many other materials. This offers an advantage both to the manufacturer and the customer.  The reason why the use of aluminium is increasing in every industry is its durability and other favourable properties.

Aluminium Casting Manufacturer

Aluminium is widely used especially in industrial goods sector. It is very important that Aluminium Casting Manufacturers offer high quality and professional work since aluminium is used in a wide range of areas and for wide range of functions. We, at Kalkancı continue to be one of the leading companies in this sector. As an Aluminium Casting Manufacturer we meet capital good needs in all of the industries with our vast experience and experienced team focusing on high quality and solution oriented products. We innovatively combine our advance engineering capabilities with our efficient work force as well as our vast experience in the industry. We continue our activities in Aluminium Casting Manufacturing and provide our services to meet die casting needs of local and international industries.

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We, At KALKANCI provide our Die Casting services to a range of industries including Energy, Lighting, and Automotive.  Thanks to our extensive manufacturing capacity, we play an active role in every stage, from designing high quality moulds to aluminium casting manufacturing processes. We continue to maintain our position with our brand Kalkancı as one of the leading companies for aluminium parts production not only in Turkey but also in the world. We document our experience and reliability with a range of certifications and improve our work every day and offer products to our customers, which are manufactured in a highly reliable and high quality manufacturing environment.

The certificates we have for Aluminium Parts and Casting Manufacturing are: ISO 14001: 2015 / ISO 45001: 2018 Management System certification, ISO 9001: 2015 ad IATF 16949:2016. Our priority at Kalkancı is to maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring timely delivery and providing total solution oriented services with our qualified staff and high manufacturing capabilities.   We ensure customer satisfaction by making plans to provide durable and light-weight die casting solutions and plans to improve mechanical properties and by choosing the right materials for each project.

Cast Aluminium Parts Manufacturers

Aluminium is a very good alloy therefore it can be used in wide range of areas. Cast Aluminium Parts Manufacturers, manufacture a wide variety of parts for many industries. Companies mostly in the manufacturing industry are the core customers of the aluminium casting industry. The reason for this is that almost all of industrial goods need at last one cast product. Several casting techniques have been developed as a result of wide use of aluminium in the industrial goods. There are three main techniques used by aluminium die casting manufacturers. These three techniques are namely Permanent mould casting, die casting and sand casting and today die casting is the most preferred technique.

Die casting is a technique that involves forcing molten aluminium into a steel mould, which is especially used to manufacture precision products. Although it is possible to manufacture high volumes of products using die casting technique, manufacturers need to be very careful and work professionally during the manufacturing stage. Because one of the main factors that affect aluminium quality is the casting technique and how well this technique is applied. Additionally, factors such as competency and experience of the workers working in every stage of aluminium casting process, their experience in the moulding room and meticulous work from the beginning to the end of the process will also affect the quality of the materials manufactured.

Cast aluminium parts manufacturers that provide services to a wide range of industries are expected to have the capacity and competency to manufacture the required product at the highest quality. Aluminium with its high durability can have even longer economic life when processed professionally and using the best technology available.  Aluminium can meet customer expectations perfectly. Therefore, it is very important for the aluminium industry to follow technological and other developments. We, at Kalkancı differentiate our brand by following developments in all areas, and improving and updating our company in line with such developments. With this vision, we provide services to a high number of companies and industries not only in Turkey but also around the world.

Aluminium Casting Supplier

Continuous development in the aluminium industry requires aluminium parts manufacturers to adopt, develop and improve their businesses. Companies in this industry should both use high quality materials and work with qualified and skilled teams. Customer satisfaction, like in any industry, is one of the most important factors that affect business growth. We, at Kalkancı maintain our success and keep the customer satisfaction at highest level by using the best quality materials with our competent and experienced teams.

We, as a cast aluminium products manufacturer, successfully manage our supply, manufacturing and post-manufacturing processes with the right partners because in our opinion, to be the best in business, one needs to work with competent companies that offer the best work. Only then it would be possible to manufacture very high quality parts that can be used for many years.

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Cast Aluminium Component Manufacturers

Cast Aluminium Component Manufacturers work with high precision during the production.  Not leaving out any stage while manufacturing cast aluminium components has a direct effect on the quality of end products. The journey of aluminium from the mould to the final surface checks and even to packaging is done with great care and diligence. There are some elements that require extra attention during the production of cast aluminium components. One of them is a product called burr.

Burr is a residual material manufactured on the production lines after casting. In addition to that, materials are unnecessarily poured/spilled in some areas during production. For the final stage of component production, residual materials spilled on cast aluminium components should be removed completely. Removal of such materials is very important to ensure that aluminium takes the intended shape. All of the abovementioned stages should be completed to manufacture a cast aluminium component in the best way possible. No production stage must be left out and all stages should be managed or checked by highly qualified staff.

It is very important to make sure that each piece manufactured is exactly the same as the next one when casting aluminium in mass production. Because High Pressure Aluminium Casting makes it easy to ensure that all pieces manufactured are exactly the same. Furthermore, High Pressure Aluminium Casting allows saving time and money.  This method which is preferred by qualified and professional cast aluminium component manufacturers ensures achieving and maintaining maximum level of customer satisfaction.

Kalkancı, High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting Manufacturer

High quality and high volume of production is very important in aluminium casting. The best method that enables this is the high pressure aluminium casting technique which is also used by Kalkancı.  This technique facilitates mass production. Better quality products can be obtained with meticulous work at every stage. With high pressure casting technique that shortens production time and decrease the cost, even the most complicated models can be manufactured more easily and without defections compared to standard techniques. In addition to making things easier for workers, this method prevents downtime caused by manufacturing defections and also allows fast production of spare parts requested by other brands for different industries.

As one of the companies that use high pressure aluminium casting technique in the best way in Turkey, Kalkancı leads our industry by skilfully combining experienced workmanship and new technology.  We provide our services to many distinguished companies and sectors with our experience of almost half a century, our high engineering knowledge, state of the art machinery, R&D activities and qualified staff. We prioritize innovation and as a result of this we have become one of the leading companies in metal injection in Turkey. Because as the Cast Aluminium Component Manufacturer Kalkancı, we manage all processes with the most advanced techniques, equipment and expert staff.

Aluminium injection, which is mostly used for the automotive industry, is a method used in the production of parts that need to be both precise and robust such as the parts that used in vehicle brake systems, gearboxes etc.  The reason why aluminium injection used in the production of such materials is that this technique minimizes porosity resulting in better durability.  Porosity can be reduced to the minimum with aluminium injection. Thus parts with the intended strength can be manufactured. In addition to the automotive industry, aluminium injection technique is used in industrial tool manufacturing, lighting industry, production of materials required for hydraulic systems and hand tools.