Automotive Casting Industry

Automotive Casting Industry

Automotive Casting Industry

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Automotive Casting refers to a casting technique carried out using aluminium materials for the production of automotive parts. Under Kalkancı’s warranty Automotive Casting is produced by the aluminium technique for the reason that the finished product resists corrosion and has a high degree of durability. In order to achieve maximum durability during the implementation of this technique, the melted aluminium is poured into moulds by applying pressure. The technique of Automotive Casting can be implemented in two ways, being either as hot or cold chamber die casting.

The Application of Aluminium in Automotive Industry

With the combination of several factors including the environment, cost of oil as well as other different factors in automotive industry, there is a tendency towards aluminium usage. Aluminium parts, which can be produced by casting and extrusion methods, have also been introduced to the automotive industry due to being lower in cost than their alternatives.R&D studies carried out worldwide and the production of alloys in the automotive sector represents casting techniques which are mostly used together with aluminium at present.

The Application of Aluminium Casting in the Automotive Industry

Aluminium, which is widespread in its application for Die casting, is actually a challenging element for casting. Despite this, the proportion of its durability to its light weight is ideal. The application of aluminium casting in the automotive industry is preferred for its malleability, high conductivity, and recycling features. As car spare parts are usually very small in structure, aluminium subjected to the casting processes is suitable for the casting of these intricately constructed minimal parts.

Aluminium Alloy Parts in The Automotive Industry

The increasing competitive environment of the industry and the awareness about environmental protection have created the quest for an alternative to the elements of steel and iron in the production of parts for cars. Aluminium alloy parts, which are provided as an alternative to these materials within the sector, enable reductions in fuel consumption in automobiles whilst increasing driver safety. The automotive industry’s indispensable alloy parts are listed below:

  • Aluminium silicon alloys,
  • Aluminium manganese alloys,
  • Aluminium copper alloys,
  • Aluminium zinc magnesium alloys.

Why Use Aluminium Die Casting in The Automotive Industry?

The casting process takes place by forming melting materials via the method of pouring them in different shaped moulds. The main purpose of casting processes is to melt substances and convert them into useful products. The aluminium die casting processes are used to ensure that even the smallest parts are produced in the most optimal way. Die casting systems produce shapes by pressing the melted metals into the mould cavities under high pressures. These techniques are used in the industry to ensure that automotive parts are recyclable, provide high performance and are value for money in terms of cost.

What is the Advantage of Aluminium Automotive Castings?

Our brand, which is a leading solutions provider for Automotive Casting techniques, offers many advantages to the industry in terms of the cost to benefit analysis for automotive parts. It is clear that aluminium‘s use is more advantageous when compared with steel materials in terms of its density and durability ratios. Additionally, the use of Automotive Casting improves the axle vibrations of vehicles as well as their absorption properties against impacts and sounds. The production of much stronger and compatible parts than steel materials is only possible with Automotive Casting.

Kalkancı Aluminium Casting Company for Automotive Components

The casting components that we produce at Kalkancı for the automotive casting technique are listed below as follows:

  • EN AC 46000,
  • EN AC 46100,
  • EN AC 44300,
  • EN AC 47100,
  • EN AC 43400,
  • A380 & A383,
  • Custom / EN AC 43500 & EN AC 51500,
  • RHEINFELDEN Components,
  • Magsimal,
  • Silafont,

Kalkancı Automotive Casting Capabilities

The Kalkancı brand has production capabilities in Automotive Casting with the following techniques:

  • Aluminium Casting Anti-Vibration Components
  • Aluminium Casting Engine Components
  • Powertrain components
  • Water pump shafts and lids (electric and heavy duty)
  • Circulation pump shafts and lids
  • Hydraulic powertrain parts
  • Integrated Power System Enclosures
  • PCB board carriers
  • Chassis Assembly
  • Chassis Support
  • Chassis Brackets
  • Engine Connection Housings for Electric Trucks
  • Light Vehicle Products: Insulators and Dampers | chassis
  • Active Hydro Engine Assembly Housings
  • Electronic Control Unit Housings and Lids
  • Electric Vehicle Battery case
  • Outdoor lighting housings
  • Lighting solutions
  • Drum support and pulley for white goods
  • Inverter Housings, Brackets and Lids
  • DCDC Converter Housings
  • Refrigerant Storage
  • Casting mounts valve housings

Kalkancı’s Automotive Aluminium Casting Manufacturing Capabilities

At our company, all casting operations are carried out in special foundries. The high-pressure casting technique, which is one of the most preferred methods of casting at present, enables mass production at our foundries. This method offers both price advantages and high-quality performance for Automotive Casting. The automotive equipment we make use of in our aluminium casting manufacturing is listed as follows:

  • Robots for lubrication of moulds that are actively used on all our work benches.
  • Obtaining raw materials from soldering systems on work benches.
  • Dosing furnaces.
  • Casting robots operating on 6 axes in accordance with cell systems.

The other equipment that strengthens our manufacturing capabilities also include aluminium cold chamber casting benches. Machines with a high volume of processing power work together with industrial robots for high-quality production. At the same time as our Automotive Casting production and management systems are being carried out online, data collection software is used to perform monitoring and planning.

Project Experience regarding Automotive Parts

Kalkancı Design Centre provides services offering professional solutions on the following issues.

  • Magmasoft Simulation,
  • Project Design,
  • Industrial research,
  • Laboratory studies.

Project skills in the production of car spare parts are constantly improved with the use of up-to-date technological means. The development process also aids in changing production parameters more accurately.The project expertise backed by R&D studiesenables the design and planning of products before beginning production, providing a complete solution in terms of design and simulation. The goal of this is to make possible the calculation of the required raw material supply, production and targeted sales performance for each part to be produced. Project planning and studies enable complex calculations such as financial expenditure units, cost and benefit ratios, and also enable risk planning to be performed. The design process provides a production flow that can be managed on behalf of enterprises.

Kalkancı, Automotive Casting Company

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