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Aluminium Die Casting is a preferred casting technique with its many features. In the technique used for the application of metal castingmachines, aluminium is preferred for its corrosion resistance and great strength. At the root of this process is the fact that molten aluminiumis resilient to being poured into a metal mould under pressure. This process is executed in two different ways as follows: hot chamber die cast and cold chamber die cast. It offers a more affordable production in comparison with precision casting and metal working methods.

What is Aluminium Die Casting?

Aluminium Die Casting it is a widely used method of casting. It is one of the most utilised methods, ranking commonly after iron and steel. It is the preferred method for the production of unit aluminium parts. At a very high pressure, the copper piston pushes liquid aluminium to the mouth of the runner. The incoming liquid spreads into the aluminiumdie cast and is finally compressed. It is a technique that consists of these three stages described. A high quality alloy is used to produce Aluminium Die Casts. Consequently, all these processes take place in seconds, producing aluminium material that is resistant to wear, fatigue and high temperatures.

When applying the aluminiumdie casting method, two different metal die casting machines are used depending on the material to be produced. Cold Chamber Die Casting Machinesare generally preferred in the production of aluminium parts. Zamak Casting is the name given to the types of parts produced in Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines. Machines with a hot chamber run faster than those with a cold chamber. The method in which the plunger cylinder mechanism is installed in the crucible and the molten metal is pushed through this mechanism and injected into the mould takes place using Hot Chamber Die Casting machines. In this system, the internal structure of the casting part is near perfect, as the molten metal almost never comes into contact with air. Cold Chamber Die Casting machines use independent stove and injection systems. The molten metal bucket is automatically transmitted to the hopper. The raw material moves into the mould by means of the push of the castingpiston. The rapid nature of this castingsystem can cause air mixing and unwanted gas porosity in the casting part.

Aluminium Die Casting Companies and Their Areas of Expertise

Aluminium used in the production of aluminium die casting, though difficult to cast, is a preferred product as it is a material of great strength and lightness. Additionally, preference is given because it is easy to form, has high conductivity, and is recyclable. Aluminium die casting is suitable for casting smaller parts with complex structures.

In terms of quality controls, after the casting process aluminium is put through many tests such as X-Ray inspection, materials analysis, compression tests, smoothness test, microscope tests, CMM test, gauge/visual inspections. Each test phase is performed in order not to receive negative feedback from the customer. Used commonly in both domestic and foreign sectors, it is also used by different sectors in Istanbul. It has uses in many different sectors such as automotive, orthodontics, medical and dental devices, firearm components, hardware, lock parts, computers, electronics, and energy. It can be used either as a part, as the entire component part, or in the production of thousands of parts such as sunroofs, seating mechanisms, fuel injectors, steering columns, braces, trigger, sight, shallots, lock cylinders, etc.

Istanbul’s Aluminium Die Casting Companies

Based in Istanbul, globally ranked and one of the main trading centres in Turkey, KALKANCI exports its Aluminium Die Casting products all over Turkey to many countries around the world. We stand out in this sector as a leading company undertaking the design, production and delivery of all kinds of parts that are required and wanted. Our high quality and innovative service approach to all the industries we work with adds value through our improved product characteristics, process management and tolerances, light-weight solutions related to product design and cost efficiency; aiming always to be your partner in providing solutions. To obtain more information about our services and about how you can benefit from the professionalism that KALKANCI can bring to your needs, please contact us.