aluminum die casting tooling types

Aluminum Die Casting Tooling Types

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The word (die) casting, derived from the act of pouring, refers to the release of any fluid substance. In the Aluminum die casting tooling sector this concept refers to the filling of melted metals into spaces, in other words, into the cells, created after the preparation stage.The main purpose of the die casting process is the conversion of molten materials into pre-designed products and to give a form to the molten substance.

Metal casting, also known as high pressure die casting is the transfer of melted metals to tool cavities under high pressure. Our company has applications for different types of tools and castings to be used in the energy, lighting, and automotive sectors. Types of tools that are produced with the Kalkancı quality are as follows:

  • Aluminum high pressure casting tools,
  • Trimmingtools,
  • Cutting tools,
  • Compression tools,
  • Crimping Tools,
  • Prototype Tooling up to 120.000 Shots Guarantee with serial quality

Usage Areas of Aluminum Die Casting Tools

Aluminumdie casting tool types vary according to usage areas and the sectors to be applied. Today, types of aluminumtools are used in many sectors and thanks to their recyclable properties, casting types offer low costs per part in high quantities, which directly affects the performance of the products used. Low cost and functional tool variants are produced with the Kalkancı guarantee.

Before the production phase, design, filling, and solidification simulation studies are carried out for each part. The usage areas of aluminum die casting tooling types extend to many sectors such as electronics, energy, automotive and lighting.

Types of Aluminum Die Casting Tools in the Automotive Sector

Lightness of the material, its resistance to high temperatures, its conductivity properties and its resistance to corrosion have an important place in the widespread use of aluminum tools, whose use dates back centuries. Especially in the automotive sector, the use of aluminum tools is emphasized for the changes in environmental factors, problems in consumption of petroleum-derived fuel, and safety of passengers and vehicles.

Expansion of products with casting and tool types, encourages the production process of basic parts in the automotive sector with aluminum. Automotive parts manufactured with aluminum die cast tools, have much lower costs and are more profitable than their counterparts. The use of thin-walled, light and high-strength products in vehicles is also have made aluminum products more popular.

Types of Aluminum Die Casting Tools in the Lighting Sector

Aluminum tool and cast types are used in general outdoor lighting systems for main and side streets, parks, and gardens. Aluminum lighting die casting tools have many advantages. Aluminum alloys with heat treatability, can also be included in decorative lighting poles and systems used as flag poles.

Types of aluminum die casting tools and castings, which have a high durability, are resistant to weather conditions such as wind, rain, and hail. Aluminum die casting tool types with higher corrosion resistance than alternatives, are among the indispensable products of the lighting industry.

Types of Aluminum Die Casting Tools in the Energy Sector

While the structure of the aluminum material allows for 100 percent recovery, it is categorized as a green and environmentally friendly material with its current properties. Therefore, aluminumdie casting tool types are indispensable for the energy sector. Types of aluminum die castings that provide an ideal basis for energy production and energy efficiency, are used for the realization for many projects.

Today, it is possible to frequently come across factories and production facilities that produce their own energy. The main installations of the energy sector, such as power generation, prefer aluminum die casting tools in the production phase.

Aluminum Die Casting Tool Types of Kalkancı

The Kalkancı R&D and project center operates on a technological basis, from production phase to the delivery process. Creating a top-quality range of aluminum die casting tools and contributing to the industry by reducing production costs are among our core principles.

We produce our own qualifiedtools for aluminum die casting in our own tooling room. Our tools are designed to best suit our customers’ needs, in line with limited deadlines and cost efficiency, to produce first-class products throughout the entire process chain.

Affordable price guarantee and product quality are features that reveal the difference of Kalkancı aluminum die  casting applications. The types of aluminum die castings and tools that we produce for the energy, lighting, and automotive sectors, which ensure the continuity of the industry, are used in the production stages of leading Turkish brands. Production and improvement studies carried out within the scope of Industry 4.0, allows us to provide the best service to our customers. To receive more detailed information about our products and services you can request a presentation here.