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Innovation and Quality

Our approach to all our business lines is shaped by innovation; we employ the 5S, Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing applications as part of our goal of continuous development. The KALKANCI team recognises that our service mentality, performance and perspective on problem solving can only improve through innovative ideas and an innovative approach. We believe that innovation, entrepreneurship and development are key in a fast-growing and changing global world.

We also recognise through experience gained that diversifying our perspective and manner of thinking will improve our service potential. It is for this reason that in the industries which we serve, we aim to create a constantly evolving organization with an innovative approach to delivering high-quality and high-value products which ensure that customer demands are met at the highest level through the development of our projects.

Our Quality Approach

KALKANCI has never compromised on the concept of quality. Our concept of ‘Quality’ is viewed through a very wide lens, noting that we not only possess the ISO 45001,  ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 9001 Quality Management System Documentation, but are a brand that serves companies in many different sectors and in different areas of activity, requiring the quality of our output to be stable throughout. For us, quality is not just about the final shape of the product.

For us, quality is a sum of values that must be approached holistically. It is for this reason then, that quality constitutes the entire chain of process, from the arrival of raw materials to production, controls and to delivery. Moreover, protecting moral and conscientious values throughout this process is also an imperative of our quality methodology. In view of these values, we can set out the KALKANCI brand’s quality mindset as follows;

  • To ensure our continuous development by monitoring the sectoral, technical and scientific advancements of countries leading in these fields,
  • Continue to preserve our stance as a forward-looking company by both tracking and integrating such global innovations into our systems,
  • Determining competitive prices through constantly monitoring the aluminium sector’s domestic and international prices in order to maintain our ability to acquire business at a strong level,
  • Executing orders correctly at the initial stage, and constantly striving to improve our processes in order to achieve zero error in manufacturing,
  • Setting realistic goals and continuously improving our effectiveness in achieving the set goals. But in doing so, we seek to offer outcomes that exceed customer expectations through our service mentality,/li>
  • To complete and deliver the projects on time within the work schedule and in accordance with the technical specifications,
  • By renewing our production line according to technological developments, monitoring and continuously improving our processes,
  • To focus on increasing the satisfaction of all stakeholders,
  • Forming habits of taking precautionary measures before problems occur, and ensuring the continuation of this attitude while applying a systematic approach and method to solve problems that may arise,
  • To ensure our continuous development by obtaining domestic and international quality certificates,
  • In addition, creating the right working strategies that continue to protect the well-established brand image for reliability that KALKANCI has acquired over the years is also paramount to our understanding of what “quality” is.

Education and Health and Safety

At KALKANCI, we believe that success and progress will be achieved by developing both individually and as a team. In order to benefit from the advantages that individual success and development will bring to the group, we attach importance to in-house training and development. We provide staff training at intervals within the framework of company values for performance improvement, staff satisfaction, to achieve consistent results and success. Whether these training sessions involve either learning about technology or are aimed at fostering company values, we see their benefits in the short and long term as both employees and firms.

We know that success and efficiency is achievable only in a reliable environment. At KALKANCI, we believe that all accidents are avoidable. For this reason, we are constantly improving the performance of employee health and safety at work and our activities related to the prevention of accidents. At our factory site, we take measures to ensure that all working and living areas are healthy and safe in accordance with laws and regulations and ensure the elimination of the negative effects of each job on employees.