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Our Company is active in meeting the industrial needs of many sectors, combining our professional engineering capabilities with years of experience and an efficient workforce to produce innovative aluminium die casting manufacturing. Kalkancı’s services are particularly focused on the energy, lighting, automotive and construction sectors, in which its staff of experts engages in constant R&D work to produce new solutions for changing sector requirements, carrying out casting production to meet market demand. From mould designs with expanded production capacity, to aluminium casting production processes, consignment stock, usage and payment termsour Company, which provides turnkey services, is one of Turkey’s leading enterprises.

Depth of Experience in Aluminium Casting Parts Production

Our Company was established in 1981 as a mould manufacturer and went on to be very active in the foundry sector after 1987. Our first manufacturing plant was in the Maltepe district of Istanbul on the Asian side; we moved to larger facilities at our Pendik factory in 1993 in order to increase our operating capacity due to strong demand from the sectors we serve.

In 2006, after further progressing our range of services to meet the fundamental needs of the aluminium die casting sector“, we moved to our Tuzla integrated facilities. Today, Kalkancı continues its activities of designing projects, die casting and manufacturing at our sophisticated facilities in Tuzla. We have the following certificates:

  • ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018 Management Systems,
  • ISO 9001:2015,
  • IATF 16949:2016.

Our goal is to become a world-class brand by taking customer satisfaction to the next level through our professional and high volume production capacity, timely delivery and ability to offer complete solutions to our customers.

Why Choose Kalkancı?

Our R&D work has vastly improved our ability innovate to produce what the sector requires. 5S, Kaizen and lean manufacturing are just some of reasons why our customers choose Kalkancı: these practices shape our activities, innovative ideas and are reflected in how we approach servicing our customers.

The rapidly changing and transforming needs of the sectors we serve are closely monitored by us and reflected back into all our processes. We know that the complete and timely meeting of customer demands, combined with the high-level of service we provide, are among the chief reasons why customers choose Kalkancı. Our Company has a unique approach to the concept of quality covering the entire production value chain from conception and design to die casting; from producing consignment stock to delivery.

Aluminium Casting Capability

Our Company creates projects and production processes that stand out in the aluminium casting industry. One of our fundamental principles is to meet programme deadlines and technical specifications with total discipline for the projects we undertake and in our field of aluminium casting. All our production processes are upgraded in accordance with technological advancements, and our professional services -combined with the quality local and international standards certificates we possess- help us accelerate our progress in these areas.

R&D and Project Development

Our design centre, which began operating in 2019, continues to provide services in fundamental areas such as industrial-based research, project planning, design and magmasoft simulations through R&D throughout the project development processes. The fact that our R&D centre is located in our Company provides us with a competitive advantage compared to the rest of our industry and helps us strengthen our technology, reduce production costs, etc., which we can reflect back to our customers.

Aluminium Mould Chamber

While aluminium Die casting is the most basic part of die casting activities, its application is also a priority in mould production. The moulding workshop located in our Company has the largest capacity in Turkey’s mould production. Almost all of the problems that are likely to be encountered in production processes can be avoided by simulating mould designs in order to take precautions.

Aluminium Materials

Reducing costs, improving mechanical properties, durability and through its light-weight die casting,Kalkancı helps customers select the most suitable material for their projects in a solutions-oriented manner. Aluminium is one of the most fundamental materials for our sector’s future and occupies a very important place in global trade. Among the aluminium materials we use are:

  • Traditional alloys.
  • Special alloys produced from primary materials.
  • Rheinfelden Alloys; special alloy alternatives.

Aluminium Melting

Our Company carries out activities in its melting workshop, aiming to prevent metal losses in processed aluminium. To increase the efficiency of projects through research and development support, it’s possible to reduce existing costs, actively use recycling materials, and achieve high-level quality standards through aluminium melting activities.

Aluminium Alloy Casting

Die casting production is made with alloys such as copper, zinc and aluminium. Our Company carries out aluminium alloy casting with the aim of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Alloying processes are monitored by our professional teams using sample collections during the production process.

Aluminium CNC Machining

In all sectors of the industrial manufacturing, CNC machines are an indispensable part of production process. CNC machining is used in a wide range of areas, from the automotive sector to construction activities, from industrial machinery production to the defence industry. One of the reasons why our Company is highly ranked is that we include CNC machining in all the project work we perform.

Aluminium Heat Treatment

Furnaces and heat treatment equipment, which are actively used in the services our Company provides, provide products with high strength, high efficiency, and with different mechanical properties. The heat treatment processes carried out to very high quality standards, bringing the level of durability for products produced to the maximum level possible.

Aluminium Surface Treatments

The last stop of our activities along the production line is our surface treatment. Aluminium surface treatments include vibration, polishing, washing and sand blasting. These applied processes help to remove burrs and oil from products, giving them a shine and readying them for the coating and painting processes.

Our Production Packaging Process

Professional manufacturer systems and state-of-the-art equipment ensure packaging of products leaving our production lines. As with all that we do, our product packaging processes are carried to a very high standard of quality.

How does Kalkancı handle Casting Projects?

The quality we aim to provide in aluminium casting and die casting projects covers each and every stage of manufacturing through to the delivery process. Our R&D work supports our project design process in order to fully meet the expectations and needs of our customers.

Kalkancı advanced Aluminium Casting production equipment

Kalkancı uses state-of-the-art equipment in all its manufacturing processes, such as for aluminium casting and die casting. Our moulding workshops are equipped with CNC machines, heat treatment tools and modern and high-tech equipment which are used in all of our basic processes. Contact us for detailed information about all of our services and solutions to meet your specific project needs here.