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High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting

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Capable of manufacturing a large number of components in serial production and in a much shorter time compared to other methods, the High Pressure Die Casting Method is one of the most preferred methods in the production of aluminium parts. High-performance mass production offers the advantage of lowered costs and an affordable price, while producing the part you need promptly and flawlessly, enabling time savings.

In addition to its performance and price advantage, the High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting Method enables the production of complex piecesin an extremely high quality standard, with identical spare parts, resulting in an uninterrupted workflow. Therefore, spare parts required for different sectors are produced faster and more flawless, resulting in the quicker output of important industrial processes.

What is the working principle of High Pressure Aluminium?

High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting comprises of casting the molten metal into a hardened mould, solidified under pressure before removal,to provide the shortest route from molten metal to the finished component. High-pressure aluminium casting is an affordable method that saves time, particularly when high-density components are needed.

Firms which use High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting enable extremely cost-effective production compared to methods used by other firms as the molten metal solidifies in mere seconds. When it comes to mass production, this is a much more efficient and error-free process in comparison to other types of production.

Although it does also depend on the size of the component, the thickness produced by high-pressure aluminium die casting can be as little as 1 mm. This in turn, is an important factor in creating a very smooth lining with an extremely light and precise casting.

High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting Firms , work within the high-tech industry principle, which minimizes the margin of error and creates the aluminium component in the fastest way. This working principle ensures that the casting process is performed in the most precise way and that the output is produced according to the desired shape. This technology, which minimizes the unit time between casting and cooling, is made possible by high pressure.

In which areas do Aluminium Die Casting Companies Operate?

Aluminium Die Casting Companies operate in the production of parts which are both sensitive and need to be powerful, such as industrial robots, parts used for vehicle brakes, and gearboxes.
High-pressure Aluminium Die Casting Companies produce in different industrial cities, especially in Istanbul, by providing maximum power and efficiency to reduce porosity to a minimum in these types ofproducts for which mechanical properties are at the forefront.

Aluminium Die Casting Companies operating in Turkey

In Turkey Aluminium Die Casting Companies engage in the production of raw materials and spare parts. The sector component, which has attained a deserved place in the automotive sector especially, possesses a wide range of products ranging from industrial tools to lighting, from hydraulic systems to hand tools.

Aluminium die casting companies in Turkey, which export a significant part of the raw materials and spare parts they produce, combine high technology, innovation and creativity with reasonable pricing, great quality, minimum margins of error and a guarantee of short delivery times.

High-pressure Aluminium Die Casting Firms located in Istanbul

Starting with mould manufacturing and achieving the status of becoming one of the most significant players in the Turkish metal die castingindustry,KALKANCI applies an innovative approach to its workforce combined with solution-based performance, believing in the power born through the meeting of craftsmanship and technology.

Transforming forty years of experience into sophisticated production using advanced technology,KALKANCI has an important place amongst Istanbul’s High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting Companies. Reflecting years of advanced engineering, creativity and approaching each of its spheres of activity dynamically,KALKANCI serves the automotive, lighting, construction and energy sectors.

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