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casting in the energy industry

Casting in the Energy Industry

Casting in the Energy Industry 1024 500 Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting | Kalkancı Aluminum Die Casting and Mold

Casting method has been used for centuries to use metals. This traditional method is frequently used for economic reasons and efficiency. Metals that are treated with this method can be used in many industries.

Casting industry plays a major role in many industries such as agriculture, rail transport, construction, automotive, energy, air, maritime, defence, space and so on. Especially in the energy industry, aluminium pressure die casting method is important in manufacturing parts and components that play a major role in energy transmission, transformation and generation.  We, as Kalkancı are actively working in casting in the energy industry.

Use of Aluminium in the Energy Industry

Aluminium is one of the metals that are used the most, following iron and steel in the world. Aluminium, in compound form, can be made more usable after going through several processes. Aluminium, known for its lightweight, durability and conductivity, is highly sought out especially in the energy industry.

Sheets, plates, pipes, bars, wire rods can be produced with aluminium. As a result of its high durability, it is a metal frequently preferred for transmission of electricity and thermal energy. Additionally, it can be recycled and easily bent and shaped which makes it a popular choice for many industries.

Aluminium Casting in the Energy Industry

There are a variety of methods used for casting. Casting method used for each metal also differs. Single-use and permanent moulds can be used. Aluminium metal casting methods are listed below;

  • Continuous Casting,
  • Sand Casting,
  • Pressure Die Casting

In continuous casting, liquid aluminium is poured into moulds. During this process, water cooling is used to cool the outside of mould to solidify the liquid metal. Moulded production is achieved when metal is solidified. Processes may differ.

Sand casting is a casting method that is frequently used not only for aluminium but also for other metals. Sand casting may differ depending on the type of moulds used. One of the reasons why sand is chosen is that it can be shaped easily and used as a mould material. Although sand moulds are for single-use, they are quite effective for large, multiple and detailed casting. Although cooling of metals takes long with this process, it is cost effective.

Pressure die casting is used to produce high and large volume parts and components.  High pressure is applied on the liquid metal in the mould. When liquid metal is solidified, the pressure is released and the material is taken out of the mould. It is a casting method used to produce precision, detailed and complicated parts. These casting methods are used frequently for producing or shaping aluminium.

Aluminium Alloy Parts in the Energy Industry

Aluminium is combined with other elements and changes its durability, ductility and conductivity. Types of aluminium alloy are listed below;

  • 1XXX; is pure aluminium.
  • 2XXX; is an alloy where aluminium is mixed with copper and magnesium. This is frequently used in the aviation industry with its high strength and durability.
  • 3XXX; is the addition of manganese to aluminium; this alloy is mostly preferred to produce pipes etc.
  • 4XXX; this alloy with silicon is preferred in producing parts, steels, bars in the automotive industry with its high wear and corrosion resistance.
  • 5XXX; this is a strong and hard aluminium alloy that contain magnesium. It has a high seawater corrosion resistance and that’s why it is mostly preferred in the marine industry.
  • 6XXX; this alloy that contains silicone and magnesium, with its high ductility, is preferred for parts that are produced with compression moulding.
  • 7XXX; is the strongest aluminium alloy and contains copper, magnesium, chrome and zirconium.  It is used in productions where high strength is required.  It is especially preferred by the aviation industry.
  • 8XXX; is an aluminium alloy with lithium and tin and it is the most expensive alloy. This alloy is used especially in space and aviation industries.

Aluminium alloys are also used quite often in the energy industry.  They have a wide variety of use, from thermal insulation of houses to solar panels.  Durability, ductility and conductivity of aluminium and its convenience and availability makes it a high demand in the energy industry.

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Why Aluminium Die Casting for the Energy Industry?

We have discussed before that die casting is the most preferred method to shape aluminium. Using pressure in permanent moulds to shape aluminium is very important to produce more precise and smoother parts.

Producing parts in the required shape and quality which do not need further treatments increases efficiency in production. It is possible to achieve high quality in the production of complex and detailed parts using this casting method. Therefore the energy industry generally prefers pressure die casting.

What is the Advantage of Aluminium Die Casting in Energy?

The biggest advantage of aluminium is that it is a light material with high strength. Another advantage is its low cost. Aluminium casting in the energy industry contributes significantly to budgets due to high ductility of aluminium. Increased energy saving and efficiency is of course another advantage of aluminium. Being a conductive metal, aluminium helps significantly in heat and energy transmission. And one of the biggest advantages is that it offers long term protection against corrosion. The above mentioned are the main advantages as to why aluminium is preferred.

Kalkancı Aluminium Casting Production Company for Automotive Components

Founded by Hüseyin Paçacı, the company first produced moulds and then also started to work in casting.  With increasing demand as a result of the high quality of the work, Kalkancı built a factory and specialized in metal injection and continues to work in this field. The company that produces parts and components for the automotive industry has aimed and succeeded to move further.

With its vision emphasizing high quality, Kalkancı provides its services in many industries. The company which produces aluminium alloy products for automotive, lighting, energy, construction industries and lately for electric vehicles is one of the most important companies in these industries.

Kalkancı Casting in Energy Industry

Kalkancı stands out with its success in high pressure die casting methods in the energy industry. The company works systematically with high pressure die casting method which provides advantages in quality and cost in continuous/serial production. Complex and detailed parts are produced in the best way with high pressure die casting and the production goal is set accordingly.

Kalkancı Aluminium Die Casting in the Energy Industry

High pressure die casting method is used to produce aluminium parts and components. Aluminium cold chamber casting benches with 4000 and 22000 kN pressure power are used in aluminium production.

Project Experience in Energy Components

Kalkancı has always followed innovation closely and integrated them in its production processes. This company, which first started to work with the automotive industry, has been a pioneer in the production of aluminium parts that are needed and in demand.

Kalkancı which has maintained efficiency and quality at the highest level in production has also met high quality standards with success.  Kalkancı has gained experience in production in the

  • Automotive,
  • Energy,
  • Lighting,
  • Construction
  • Industries and in electric vehicle parts and continues its production.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain more information about what Kalkancı can offer and about Casting in the Energy Industry.

The Aluminium Casting Market

The Aluminium Casting Market

The Aluminium Casting Market 1024 500 Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting | Kalkancı Aluminum Die Casting and Mold

With its high strength, pliability and light weight, the Aluminium Casting Market is preferred in many industries today for being an area of production which has high added-value. Due to the fact that aluminium is an excellent alloy, the variety of products that can be obtained is the chief reason its being preferred in much industrial manufacturing.

In general, companies in the manufacturing industry and sector represent the Aluminium Casting Market’s basic customer base. Countries which possess a strong supply industry and which have superior production capacity comprise the Aluminium Casting Market’s majority markets. So much so that, in most cases, at least one casting product is needed for all industrial products.

The main reason why Aluminium is preferred to such an extent in all these sectors and in production is its durable structure based on its resistance to corrosion and electrical conductivity. During the production phase, Aluminium Castings are manufactured by forcing a particular mould from molten metals using a high pressure system and they are additionally prized due to their affordability and highly stabilized sizing potential. In the Aluminium Casting Market, during the casting of aluminium for the production of parts, many techniques such as Sand Casting, Metal Injection Casting, and Low Die Casting are employed. This varies depending on the quantity, shape, physical properties of the product to be produced, allowing the needs relating to aluminium parts production to be met with ease. Consequently, Aluminium is the preferred material in many sectors due to its advantages and because it can be modified according to requirement.

Why Choose Aluminium Casting?

  • Aluminium Casting products are lightweight in general and are practical to use.
  • Their production efficiency is high; energy costs and carbon absorption are low.
  • Materials produced by aluminium casting are used in many sectors such as in electricity, electronics, telecommunications, the hardware, industry, automotive, hardware stores, lighting, retail, etc.
  • They are highly conductive.
  • Aluminium casting enables fast production due to ease of shaping during manufacturing.
  • It is not a toxic alloy.
  • It has a recyclable and durable structure.
  • Aluminium casting results in a fine reflective surface.

Aluminium Casting Companies

Aluminium Casting Companies, use three basic techniques for Aluminium Casting manufacturing. These are Die Casting, Permanent Mould and Sand Casting, of which Die Casting is the most common. This technique, which can also be described as the forcing of molten aluminium into a steel mould under the influence of pressure, is very effective for manufacturing precision products. This process should be executed specifically by Aluminium Casting Companies using meticulous implementation to result in high-volume production.

Aluminium Casting requires both the casting ability and technical experience of its employees, as well as meticulous attention to the completion of the processes and the high standards of moulding roomunits in order to increase the quality of the output product.

It is for this reason that companies engaged in casting, should have the competencies to serve their customer base in the entire spectrum. Many sectors such as the Automotive, Lighting, Defence, Transportation, Medical, Energy industries prioritise working with qualified personnel providing Aluminium Casting Services in order to expand their activities by products that are durable and sustainable in the long-term.

KALKANCI is ideally positioned in this broad spectrum of services and stands out as an Aluminium Casting company that can provide services globally. KALKANCI provides professional services both in its domestic market Turkey as well as in many countries thanks to its high-tech equipment and its team of experts.

KALKANCI’s Aluminium Casting Manufacturing

Aluminium Casting Manufacturer KALKANCI is professionally active in the energy, lighting and automotive sectors. As a Casting Manufacturing Company we are able to provide a holistic service in “meeting market demands”, which is one of the most important expectations of the sector. Our ability to produce high quantity orders without a decline our service and product quality sets KALKANCI apart and positions us as one of the leading producers in our sector both domestically and globally.

KALKANCI’s main production of Aluminium Casting activities serve three main sectors – automotive, energy and lighting- which are where market distribution is the most intense. Aiming to achieve maximum efficiency in as short a period of time as possible within the limits of the quantity, shape, physical characteristics of the product to be manufactured, KALKANCImakes it possible to meet the demand in the aluminium parts production space.

Production of Aluminium Parts

Aluminium Casting Manufacturer KALKANCI provides high quality professional services in the Production of Aluminium Parts for the energy, lighting and automotive sectors by meeting their Aluminium Casting needs. Our Company offers innovative solutions and efficiency in the high-tech space, bringing its affordable products to market thanks to its experienced engineering team. As a leader among companies providing aluminium casting services in Turkey, it is powerfully active in a wide range of production areas: from hydraulic systems to the automotive sector, from lighting products to power units.

KALKANCI has driven the reduction of margins of error on mechanical parts production with Aluminium Casting, offering product support globally to many industrial cities as a premier casting manufacturer. Our Company excels at high-level service quality in power and components requiring attention to detail for vehicles such as brake parts, gearboxes, industrial robots, finding definitive solutions to the need for high-pressure aluminium casting. KALKANCI has the capacity to produce products that ensure the highest level of industrial efficiency in a short time, assisting company workflows by supplying the casting industry with a new paradigm.

KALKANCI Casting Factory

Providing services on the principle of maximum efficiency in order to be responsive to sector needs of companies, KALKANCI enables the saving of both time and cost, and delivers products for the casting industry addresses in a short time. Our company, serving as a manufacturer of high-pressure aluminium casting at an affordable cost, strives towards error-free production as its goal due to its rigorous working principle. Thanks to its experience in accelerating the routine operations of industrial branches, its

8 different casting robots with 6 axes, its comprehensive equipment such as its automatic mould lubrication robot technology, automatic bucket system, our Company is able to accelerate production exponentially.

Priority in the Casting Industry: Maximum Efficiency

KALKANCI offers different solutions for the casting industry with products prepared according to cell systems on production machines and affordable prices, making it possible to collect data automatically through on-line management systems. The target when producing on Aluminium Cold Chamber Casting Benches by use of high-volume industrial robots, is to provide reliable and high-quality services to all companies in their respective fields of Automotive, Electrical and Energy. KALKANCI adds value to projects through its approach to solving the high unit production and sector needs in a short time frame, also collecting samples obtained from the products during the post-casting process in order to perform quality controls.

Our Company’s journey of powerful team work in all areas of casting production serves to meet industrial requirements completely by employing automation systems at its CNC Machining centres where data can be stored on-line 24/7. KALKANCI has completed its necessary internal analysis processes in order to minimize any problems that may arise in the production process and is one of Turkey’s leading aluminium casting companies thanks to its wide spectrum of working areas.

Istanbul’s Aluminium Casting Manufacturer KALKANCI

Please contact us to find out more about how KALKANCI can serve your Aluminium Casting needs.